“Listening to the Logos rather than to me, it is wise to agree that all things are in reality one thing and one thing only”

–Heraclitus (Greek philosopher 500BC)

God The Mathematician

Let us suppose that our universe is not the result of a series of random events beginning with a big-bang, but instead that it was in some sense pre-planned, that there is an intelligence behind our universe, whether we label this God, Intelligent Design, the Great Architect..., such that our universe did not appear as a result of random chance but IS because it was in some sense pre-planned to BE, that the modern universe was somehow encoded into the beginning of the universe itself. 

Science has a set of laws that describe a 14 billion year old universe; these are called the laws of physics. Proponents of common ‘God’ theories presume that the universe was created in some instantaneous sense, physics calculates that it formed 14 billion years ago from a big bang. The universe model proposed in this text describes the physics of a 14 billion year old universe that could have appeared according to a pre-determined plan. 

In essence the text poses a question which, to my knowledge has never been seriously analysed, and that is; if the universe was 'constructed' according to a 14 billion year plan, then how would a 'God' do it?

A God could of course design the universe in all its minute detail, much as our engineers design our planes, cars and computers... before sending the final blueprints to a celestial factory for production. For this, the laws of physics would suffice as the OS (operating system) for the universe.

There would however seem to be another option, one that uses the laws of nature as the construction technique. In this method the universe is growing, as all living things grow, using the same set of natural laws whereby growth begins with a simple information set (which for us is the genetic code embedded in our DNA, for the universe this would be the 'DNA' embedded into the big bang) and then over time begins to specialise according to a cosmological natural selection process that eventually forms habitable planets where the next stage in the evolution of the universe can begin.

I then conjecture that this organic growth mechanism is essentially mathematical, that there is a form of mathematics that we could describe as 'organic' as opposed to the 'engineering' mathematics used by us. It is this mathematics that determines the flight pattern of a mosquito, the organisation of an ant colony, the growth of a fetus ...

The information on the DNA of a fertilised human egg could be saved onto a simple memory card yet after 3 months of growth the fetus already has human shape. It has gone from a simple instruction set embedded in that DNA into an incredibly complex system in a remarkably short period of time = 3 months, the argument here is that these same algorithms that control fetus growth if applied to a 14 billion year timeline could result in the modern universe.

This book Plato's Cave, the title taken from Plato's Allegory of the Cave for reasons that will become apparent, describes a mathematical model of a universe constructed according to the Physics of Intelligent Design. This model presumes 2 parallel universe; the physical universe which we observe and science can measure and a dimensionless (without mass, space or time) mathematical realm, which is popularised as The Matrix (from the sci-fi hit film of that name). The vehicle for exchanging information between our universe and this realm is a rotating black-hole electron which oscillates between both worlds (which we measure as the wave-particle duality of physics). This text describes the mathematics of such a black-hole electron and how our universe may be constructed from it.

As the Ancient Universe, being the universe of the ancient philosophers; Plato, Pythagoras et al, the eastern mystics from Buddha to the Tao and of course Genesis of the bible, describes a deity based universe, our journey to solve the Intelligent Universe begins there.

This website, platoscode.com, is mainly a discussion of the implications and philosophy behind this model, the book is online (see ebook). As for some readers english is not the native language I am transferring the ebook to online translatable text (see intro and chapter 1), however the ebook version should be considered as the most up-to-date reference. For those with a technical background the mathematics and physics has been moved to another site planckmomentum.com as I would prefer to separate the debates between the physics and the philosophy.

Updates (platoscode 21/12/2016): Part I and Part II are now online (books 1-IV), the text can use more editing but is basically finished. The online books (see ebook) are the most recent versions, the online texts (intro, chapter I) have not yet been updated. The FAQ needs to be done. An ebook for download is planned.

Updates (planckmomentum 21/12/2016): Needs some editing but is basically finished except for the FAQ page. The article on the black hole electron is up.