“Listening to the Logos rather than to me, it is wise to agree that all things are in reality one thing and one thing only”

–Heraclitus (Greek philosopher 500BC)

God The Mathematician

Let us suppose that our universe is not the result of a series of random events beginning with a big-bang, but instead was in some sense pre-planned, that there is an intelligence behind our universe, whether we name this intelligence as God, Intelligent Design, the Great Architect..., such that our universe IS because it was thus in some sense planned to BE.

Science has a set of laws to describe what the consensus believes to be a random 14 billion year old universe; these are called the laws of physics. We could then speculate that, if ‘God’ chose to construct rather than simply create our universe, also according to a 14 billion year plan for it seems that our universe is that old, then what construction method would he use?

In other words, how would God do it?

HE could of course design the universe in all its minute detail, much as our engineers design our planes, cars and computers... before sending the final blueprints to a factory for production. For this, the laws of physics would suffice as they would become the OS (operating system) of the universe.

There is another way HE could do it, the same technique as used in nature for organic systems (living organisms) and that is to begin with a simple information set (which for us is encoded into our DNA) and then grow the universe as we grow, employing, we may presume, some form of organic mathematics, being the algorithms that are used by life.

The information on the DNA of a fertilised egg could be saved onto a simple memory card yet after 3 months of growth the fetus already has human shape. It has gone from a simple instruction set embedded in that DNA into an incredibly complex system in a remarkably short period of time = 3 months, and so we may imagine what could be achieved with 14 billion years.

What I present here is a candidate for the Physics of Intelligent Design. This model presumes 2 parallel universe; the physical universe which we observe and science can measure and a dimensionless (without mass, space or time) realm which communicates with our universe via geometrical forms aka the mathematical universe or more commonly known as The Matrix from the film of that name. The vehicle for this is a black-hole electron which oscillates between both worlds exchanging information in the process.

Our universe becomes an expanding (growing) 4-axis hyper-sphere black-hole fed by a contracting white-hole twin. Einstein’s relativity formulas are the means by which we may translate from the 4-D space-time of modern physics to this 4-axis co-ordinate system.

As the Ancient Universe, being the universe of the ancient philosophers; Plato, Pythagoras et al, the eastern mystics from Buddha to the Tao and of course the Genesis of the bible, describes a deity based universe, our journey begins there.

Stephen Hawking’s notes in his book ‘The brief history of Time’ that he was warned that for every equation in the book, the readership would be halved; hence his book includes only a single equation. Here the reverse is true, the text is simply the padding woven around the equations, but before I lose all readership may I note that the 2 most important numbers in this model are zero and one. If this model turns out to be fundamentally correct, then whomever or whatever designed our universe is very good at his/her job.

This website, platoscode.com, is mainly a discussion of the implications and philosophy behind this model, the mathematics and physics has been moved to another site planckmomentum.com as I would prefer to separate the debates between the physics and the philosophy.