“Listening to the Logos rather than to me, it is wise to agree that all things are in reality one thing and one thing only”

                                                                                       –Heraclitus (Greek philosopher 500BC)

God The Mathematician

God vs science debates tend to be restricted to the premise that a God does not need science and that science does not need a God. As science and God are thus seen as mutually exclusive there are few, if any, serious attempts to construct mathematical models of a universe whose principle axiom does require a God (the Intelligent Design hypothesis). In other words, if there is an Intelligence responsible for the 14 billion year old universe of modern physics, being the universe of Einstein and Dirac, and beginning with the big bang as the act of 'creation', then how would HE do it? What construction technique might HE use?

This text outlines the physics of a Virtual Universe model that is analogous to a Computer Simulation, with the premise that laws of physics were programmed into the universe and the programming language used is what we refer to as the laws of nature. In this scenario the physical universe is growing, as living organisms grow, via these (mathematical) laws. In this scenario the big bang was followed by a cosmological natural selection process that eventually formed habitable planets leading to the next stage in the evolution of the universe; life itself.

The analogy is that of us as characters within a computer game. We are given an intellect, a freedom of choice and a learning capability so that the game may then play by itself, presumably leading to an uncertain outcome. However this would require that these characters (thats us) perceive themselves and their computer generated environment as being that of a real physical material world. The Programmer of this Game thus needs to solve these 2 principal problems; 1. how to generate non-deterministic intellect (free will) and 2. how to generate an apparent physical reality.

I propose that there is a fundamental set of mathematically based rules via which a self-aware Swarm Intelligence (that's us) could naturally evolve and that these rules also underpin the 'laws of physics'. These rules are complementary, they were chosen to overlap and give rise to increasing complexity. The premise being that our intellect and self-awareness is the sum of our neurons, each neuron working according to this rule set. We do not create thoughts, we grow them. The algorithms used in most Artificial Intelligence programs are based on this Swarm Intelligence.

I then show how the physical dimensions of our universe; mass, space, time, temperature, charge ... (commonly known as the Planck units) can be reduced to a single dimension and that this dimension appears as a mathematical rather than a physical construct, the formulas for these (Planck) units resembling a programming code.

I conjecture that these rules, aka the 'laws of nature', are essentially mathematical, that there is a form of mathematical theory that we could describe as 'organic' as opposed to the 'applied' mathematics that our engineers use. It is this same organic mathematics that determines the flight pattern of a mosquito, the organisation of an ant colony, the growth of a fetus ... and that via these rules the big bang evolved into electrons and atoms to stars and planets and ultimately to organic life. Our planet earth may thus have been encoded into the universe source code itself.

This book Plato's Cave, the title taken from Plato's Allegory of the Cave (The Republic) for reasons that will become apparent, describes a model of a virtual universe programmed according to simple geometrical rules. This model presumes 2 parallel universe; the physical universe of mass, space and time... which we observe and science can measure and a dimensionless (without mass, space or time) mathematical realm (the software domain) that projects our physical universe as an image, such as popularised in the sci-fi film The Matrix and in the writings of Plato and Pythagoras.

The theory behind this model is derived from the formula for a black-hole electron. It is the structure of this black-hole electron that suggests how the universe could have been programmed, it also implies that there is a 'Programmer', whether we label this God or Intelligent Design ..., such that our universe did not appear as a result of random chance but is because it was in some sense planned to be

As the Ancient Universe, being the Universe of the ancient philosophers; Plato, Pythagoras et al, the eastern mystics from Buddha to the Tao and of course Genesis of the bible, describes a deity based universe, our journey to decode the 'Programmed Universe' begins there. The journey ends with the mathematics of a dimensionless black hole that resembles the virtual universe as described in the biblical Genesis as the Void, the Tohu va bohu (תֹ֙הוּ֙ וָבֹ֔הוּ) - a Hebrew phrase in Genesis 1:2 that describes the condition of the earth before God said, "Let there be ...

Mathematical realism (aka Platonism) becomes Virtual reality.

In summary, the text discusses a solution to the problem of how to create intelligent life-forms and then introduces a solution to the Mathematical Universe within a virtual simulated environment.

There is significant mathematics behind this model. This text is my interpretation of this mathematics, and ultimately the reader should see this text merely as a supplement to the mathematics from which they are then invited to draw their own conclusions. For this reason the physics (formulas) of this model have been moved to another website independent of the book (see physics).


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