“Listening to the Logos rather than to me, it is wise to agree that all things are in reality one thing and one thing only”

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                        –Heraclitus (Greek philosopher 500BC)

Programming mass, space and time in a simulated virtual universe

(Updated 24/Dec/2017). This theory could be described as a Planck-unit Simulation Hypothesis in the Mathematical Universe Hypothesis genre where the Planck units, aka the fundamental dimensions of Planck mass, Planck length (space), Planck time, Planck momentum, charge, temperature are geometrical forms. In this section I show how we may replace the 6 dimensioned constants G, h, c, e, me, kB and the 5 SI units kg, s, m, A(mpere), K(elvin) with 2 mathematical constants (the fine structure constant alpha), 2 variable scalars and a single unit rule-set. The black-hole electron is constructed from magnetic monopoles.

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The formulas referenced here are listed in the following article;

For the complete mathematics of this model go to planckmomentum.com (link below)