“Listening to the Logos rather than to me, it is wise to agree that all things are in reality one thing and one thing only”

note: update to ebook pending (nov 14)                          –Heraclitus (Greek philosopher 500BC)

Download ebook

I am working on an ebook version for reading offline, I have made a copy of the online version for now. Download the zip file and extract to a folder. The flash uses online files from Macromedia so some initial internet connect is required. This version is uploaded on 14Aug17. The online version will be the most recent Update pending (18 Nov, 2017).

My copy PlatosCave14Aug2017.zip is 18581kB so if it differs then let me know. There are no executable files, run the index.html file. It is basically the same as the online version.  Flash will be required to run on the chosen browser.